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John’s world is filled with turmoil as the bubonic plague ravages his congregation. Can these hideous deaths be God’s will? If God is good, then why are bad things happening to good people? As John desperately searches the sacred text, he discovers the epic battle between light and darkness. His quest uncovers secrets that could cause the defeat of the wicked spirit who fell like lightning from heaven. Margaret Mendenhall takes you behind the scenes in an inspirational and eye-opening journey that exposes the lies and implications that endeavor to defame the character of God. Can the battle for mankind’s freedom be won—or is the price too high?

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Relationships seem complicated, but what if the secret to building a healthy relationship was simple? God intended relationships to be good, but when sin entered the picture, dysfunction was the result. The world became populated with hurting people, wounded by broken dreams and shattered relationships. Can relationships be brought back to the glory God intended? Unlocking the Secret to Healthy Relationships uncovers the one secret that can bring a sick relationship tottering on the brink of death to a place of robust health.

To purchase a copy go to amazon.com or order directly from Victory Center Church, P.O. Box 128, Guymon, OK 73942, or call 580-338-5616, or email contact@victorycenter.org.